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appstore_getapplications : Get applications

Retrieves applications.

Name Type Required Default Description
ids String No The IDs list of applications to request.
page Number No 1 The number of page.
pagelimit Number No 50 The limit of applications per page
sort String No TITLE|ASC The sort param. Possible sort params are "TITLE", "UPDATE_DATE", "RELEASE_DATE" and the sort order "ASC" or "DESC".
Retrieves applications. Applications are returned for applications ID list or for given page. It is possible to sort applications on title, updated date or released date. Example 1 : ids="2,15, 17,18", sort="title|desc" returns applications 2, 15, 17,18 order by title. Example 2 : page="3" returns 2nd page of applications. By default, the page sheet is set to 1 and the limit of applications per page is set to 50.