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datastore_getdatasets : Get datasets

Retrieves datasets for a datasets id list.

Name Type Required Default Description
ids String Yes The id list.
type Enumeration No full The file stockage type.
filetype Enumeration No any The data type.
Enumeration values
Parameter Value Has subparams Description
type full No No filter on stockage type files. All stockage type files are returned.
url No Return only files with given URL.
filetype any No No filter on file types. All file types are returned.
doc No Return only doc files.
data No Return only data files.
metadata No Return only metadata files.
Retrieves datasets. Datasets are returned for a datasets id list. Informations about datasets files can be filter on a stockage type and a file type. Example : ids="2,15", type="url" and filetype="data" Returns datasets 2 and 15. Files are data files with url.